Monday, 30 June 2008

Back to the Alps

I should be packing at the moment as I'm heading back to Chamonix tomorrow. Not for skiing this time (although there will be at least one pair of skis going in the car, just in case), but it will be good to get back to some mountains. Living in one of the flattest parts of England is not good for the soul. The ski season is over but the mountaineering season is kicking off, and there is plenty of walking, climbing, cycling and every other summer mountain sport to be done. I am going to be working though, helping a friend renovate his house - lots of digging and pushing wheelbarrows to be expected. So I won't be spending that much time playing, but there should be some free time.

I will make this a quick post, and get back to the packing. Hopefully I should be posting some nice mountain pics and stories from the Alps in a few days, as well as a roundup of the ski fitness posts.

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