Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Winter Snow Arrives

We are currently having what looks set to be the biggest snowfall of the season so far. Although the snow up until now has been far better than last winter, there was still less early season than last year. Just like last year the big snow has waited until March to arrive.

This is a fairly common pattern - I remember several winters over the last decade or snow where the snow has arrived late, but been excellent at the end of the season. This is one of the reasons I always suggest a later trip to people - March rather than January.

Here we are all grinning of course. I'm sitting in the flat with the log fire blazing, watching the weather through the window. On Sunday I was sat outside a mountain restaurant in a T-shirt at 4pm, sipping a beer in the sunshine. Today I had my big ski school jacket plus fleeces and thermals and I was still chilly. With the snow, wind, cold and mist it finally felt like winter had arrived. We see it again and again, but it still amazes me how things can change in the mountains.

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  1. Snow!!!!

    That's the dilemma of living in the tropics... There's no snow except artificial ones coming from the freezers, haha!