Thursday, 20 March 2008

Blogger's Block

I seem to have hit a bit of writer's (blogger's) block lately amongst the end of season rush. Suddenly we only have a couple of weeks left - in fact next week will probably be the last week of work. All the things I meant to do this season are mostly still undone. Partly lack of snow, partly lack of time. The best snow of the season was just after I had my little accident and was taking things easy. So this week and the remaining few I'm trying hard to get in all the skiing and partying I can in the knowledge it will all be over soon. When I did find time to sit down to the blog I had a complete blank on what to write.

When teaching skiing, I usually respond to things rather than make something up out of nothing. There is something of a script with beginners - plough, brake, turn, plough-parallel, parallel over the course of the week. Non-Brits should probably read wedge for plough there. After week one though there is not really a set progression and the instructor has a lot more freedom. I have never been stuck for an idea though. There are always various options, and usually I teach depending on the terrain and on the group. Sitting in front of a computer with a blank blog to write is a bit different. I can talk about anything at all I want to, with nothing to point me in a certain direction. I find that a lot harder. Give me a skiing question, or technique, or terrain etc. and I could talk for hours. Give me a free rein and I'm stuck. Oh well, probably just hitting that end of season tiredness phase. Give me a few decent night's sleep and I'll be typing away again.

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