Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Winter around the corner

It's getting colder. Even sunny days have a chill in the air now. The long wet British summer is finally over and Autumn is in full swing. To me this time of year has all the promise that others see in spring. I tick off the signs of winter approaching one by one. The days shorten, the leaves turn to gold. The mornings are clear and crisp and you can see your breath. Halloween is soon to be followed by bonfire night. For many it is a time of change - the start of the academic year, the end of summer breaks and a return to work proper. For me it is the build up to the winter and the next ski season. What will this one bring - a glut of snow with deep powder, great skiing and the attendant avalanche risk? Or a scarcity with sunshine, clear skies and snow cannon working overtime to keep the resorts open. Either way, or whatever in between we get, there will be skiing to be done. There is always good skiing somewhere, and always rewards for those who make the effort to find it. As they say, a bad day's skiing beats a good day in the office. So, good season or bad, I know it will be a hell of a lot better than staying at home.

See you on (or off) the piste

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