Friday, 26 October 2007

New widgets and buttons

You may have noticed a sudden proliferation of new bits and bobs down the right hand side of this page over the last few days. On the basis that a blog without readers is hardly a blog at all, I decided to try out a few promotion/directory strategies. If you have arrived here via one of the directories, well you already know all about them - welcome to the blog. None of these involve any paid advertising (unlike the Google Ads at the top), just mutual promotion between blogs. So if you are curious, or want to promote your own page, click on one of the buttons to the right and see where you end up. Top Blogs and BritBlogs are blog directories, LinkReferal is a directory/community for all types of site (with a couple of reviews of this blog already) and Blog Rush lists post titles from a selection of (hopefully) related blogs.

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