Thursday, 30 May 2013

Resorts Opening in June - Or Not

Since the lifts closed here in Chamonix three weeks ago it has been snowing - a lot. Normally May brings summer weather and the snow retreats. Sometimes there is sun, sometimes rain. Snow is not unheard of at the valley floor level but this many snowfalls is pretty unusual. The ski conditions high up must be pretty good right now.

Just over the Swiss border, Verbier got some publicity by suggesting they would open for skiing this weekend (1st - 2nd June) if they got 1000 Facebook likes. Well they did get the likes, and they did consider opening, but in the end said the weather forecast was too bad to make it worthwhile.

Meanwhile in the French Pyrenees, Porté-Puymorens which closed for the winter back on April 1st is reopening for the weekend because of the amount of snow they still have. And unlike upmarket Verbier, the Pyrenean resort say they are definitely going to open for two days.

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