Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Support Vancouver

As I am sure everybody knows, the Winter Olympic Games began in Vancouver last weekend. This is a once in four year event and is a showcase for winter sports around the globe. Yet I went into my local bar this evening, in a ski resort, and the Winter Olympics coverage took second place to Everton in the Uefa cup. European club football is considered more important than the Olympics, in a ski resort in Andorra - even though the Andorrans are competing in the Olympics but not in the Uefa cup.

There are football games every week of every year from August until June. The Olympics are two weeks every four years. So please, all you skiing, skating, bobsleigh or luge fans out there, demand that your local pub puts on Eurosport or whichever channel is showing the Olympics where you are in the world, and ask them to put football in second place for just two weeks in every two hundred and eight. For many of these athletes, Vancouver is the pinacle of their career - the least we can do is support them and admire their skill.

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