Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Race training in Tignes

This is just a quick post as I've had to pop down to the Tex-Mex bar in Tignes to get a wi-fi connection. I'm looking forward to the day when holiday rental appartments have high speed internet. I have started race training a week early in order to take a week off later to sort out my Andorran work permit for the winter - an annual start of season hassle.

The training is going well so far. Skiing gates really forces you to ski well and it is always surprising what a difference it makes when someone else has decided where you have to turn. If you really want to improve your piste skiing then some training on a race course can make an amazing difference. If you get the chance to spend some time in the gates then I would really recommend you take it, however it is not the most forgiving environment. Every mistake will stand out, and most race coaches will be much blunter than your average ski instructor when it comes to giving feedback.

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