Thursday, 31 July 2008

Trip to Annecy

No matter how attractive the place you are in, it is always nice to get an away day every now and again and see somewhere different. A recent trip to Annecy was a chance to get out of the mountains, and deep valleys, and see the picturesque lakeside town nestling in the Alpine foothills.

The town is the capital of the Haute-Savoie department, with a well preserved old-town along the banks of the river running out of the lake. We stopped for lunch at a terrace restaurant beside the river next to the 12th century Palais de l'Isle Jail (Palace of the Isle of the Jail) - one of the most photographed landmarks in France. After a pleasant steak we were entertained by a miming clown, who appeared wheeling a unicycle but sadly did not ride it. Then we walked along the river to the lake to the strains of an accordion player. It was like walking through all the French cliches rolled up together.

The Old Town around the river

Market stalls on the bridge

Palais de l'Isle Jail from behind - the famous view is from the other side, but you can see that picture all over the web (Google, or Wikipedia it) so this is my one.

Looking down the lake over the Pedaloes


  1. Sometimes it takes getting away from home to appreciate what you have.


  2. I love Annecy and got a house near lake Annecy. May be next time you come up we can do a deal accommodation in return for ski lessons?