Tuesday, 8 January 2008

More on Thieving #*$%@

There has been a spate of jackets being stolen here in resort, despite this being in general a fairly crime free resort. I have heard of a few jackets being taken from bars late at night recently. Admittedly the owners of the jackets had probably had a few too many beers but that is hardly relevant in my opinion.

Recently a British student died on a university skiing trip. He had had a few drinks, lost his jacket, took a wrong turn going back to his chalet and died of hypothermia. I don't know whether his jacket was stolen or misplaced, but the point I am trying to make is; stealing someone's coat in sub-zero ski resort conditions could well endanger their life. I don't imagine any of the thieves are reading this, but if you are just think - you might be depriving someone of their life, not just a jacket.

For the rest of us - the honest ones - keep your belongings close in resort bars and stay vigilant. I would love to be able to say theft was not a problem in ski resorts, but unfortunately thieves seem to be everywhere there is opportunity.

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