Sunday, 4 November 2007

It's Snowing!

I'm not a big fan of using exclamation marks in titles - mainly because they are so overused these days. However I think I can justify one here. Several Austrian resorts have opened already - up to six weeks ahead of their officially scheduled openings - due to early snowfalls. French and Andorran resorts have received a dusting of snow so far - not enough to open but a hopeful indicator of more to come. After the poor snowfalls across European resorts last season, and the predictions of global warming related doom, it is important for the industry to get off to a good start this winter. Hopefully this will reassure the doubters that the snow will still come, and that last year was an exception - one of those bad winters we have every few years.

If this winter lives up to the early signs we could be seeing a season to remember for some time. Let's hope for all the snow we missed out on last year.

Let it snow...

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